Fifty Three

Zumba IS the secret weapon! THREE POUNDS PEOPLE. Three mudda fuggin pounds. I have broken the plateau and I have officially lost over 20 pounds. YAY! I don’t think I have been this weight since like… 7th grade. No joke. I don’t feel particularly small or think I look small, but definitely smaller. I am a little over half way to my goal of 40 pounds. It took 8 weeks, so hopefully in another 8 weeks I will be at my goal weight. I am not sure how I will look after losing 40 pounds, I might bump it up to 50 pounds, but I’ll just have to weight and see. I went to BC today. I talked to an adviser about classes, dropped off my transcripts to be evaluated, and talked to someone about financial aid. I have to go back and refine my classes after they transfer my credits, but the ball is finally rolling. I figure I will just plan on going this fall and figure out the money situation then. It’s pretty impossible to plan for things like that. I definitely need more hours at Yogurtland. I get paid this Friday which will be good because I need to see how much money I will be making on average. The first few months at a new place might be a little crazy. I am thinking that I will start looking around at places sometime within the first week of March. Until then it’s just work and gym. Now that I have conquered the plateau, I’m ready to get my sweat on!


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