Fifty Two

Weellll it’s Tuesday. That means one: Biggest Loser and Glee! And two: Tomorrow I get to weigh myself. So YES and aw fuck. Maybe it will be good, maybe I will have broken the dreaded plateau, but the odds are against me. I went to Zumba this morning, which I didn’t do last week, maybe it’s the secret weapon. Going to go to BC to get some advising and stuff within the next couple of days. That should be interesting and educational. I really, really, really, hope to be able to get started there this fall. I also hope to not be there for more than three semesters. I finally submitted my FAFSA yesterday. I really need this all to just fall into place like it should. Gabriel isn’t doing any better. That’s really all I have to say about it for now. Now I am just loungin’ around before work. Should be a pretty chill night all in all. Hopefully a chill week, too. Stayin’ on my grind! Gettin’ shit done.


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