Today was a good day. Went to Soma and they were having a sale!!! Got a ton of undies and 2 bras for only 100 bucks. There is this dress there and it’s probably one of the cutest dresses I have ever seen. It’s 100 bucks, Soooo, next week… once I get paid again, I am going to go back and try that baby on. Then me and the boys went to lunch at BJ’s. And now I am just hangin out before work. Tomorrow is sushi!! Yay :). Today is also the exact 4 month date until my 21st birfdayyyy. I still have no plans, but at least I’ll be able to buy wine. I really can’t wait to move. It’s so close now!!! Probably around 3 weeks. I am not sure if I am going to lose weight this week. I will be extremely upset if I don’t, but I still won’t give up. If I don’t it will be three weeks of plateau now. Walking Dead tonight!!!!!! I’ll be at work, but I can watch it tomorrow. Gabriel isn’t doing much better, he isn’t doing worse though, which I guess in a way is a good thing. Crazy things are happening. Just gotta keep swimming!


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