Forty Nine

Oy Vey. It’s been an interesting morning so far. Got a call from my manager at Yogurtland at about 8:20 this morning. I guess the guy that was supposed to come in didn’t and was not answering his phone. So she called to have me come in early since no one would be there until 1pm, which was when I was scheduled to come in. So I get up, put my contacts in, had eye shadow on one eye, and she texted me that he just texted her and that either I can still come in instead of him or I come in when scheduled. Obviously, I opted for original plan. I went back to bed. It was pretty sweet. Mom has been cleaning all morning since she is showing the house to some guy today. Hopefully she can get it sold soon. We really need to go grocery shopping. I have like no food that I can take with me on days I work both jobs. I don’t know if I’ll have time to go somewhere and eat today between jobs, but I’ll figure something out. I get to pretty much sleep all day tomorrow!! Wooooo! I have Yogurtland at 8pm, but that’s nobeedee. And then sushi and gym on Monday. So excited for sushi, like always. I am going to take tomorrow off from the gym. I think 6 days this week is enough. Hopefully it is. I really, really, really, don’t want these past couple of weeks to be my plateau. Mostly because I wouldn’t know how to fix it. I can’t afford a personal trainer, which I am not even sure would make a difference, and I refining my diet even more seems impossible. But I guess I won’t really have a choice if I don’t lose weight this week. I guess I could just be happy with where I’m at, but I’m really not and I still pretty much hate it. LIFE. It’s kickin my ass.


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