Forty Seven

When I look at this damn picture, all I can focus on is how much I hate my arms. ANYWAY. Today was hard. The gym was hhaaarrddd. I did not want to move. My body did not want to move. But I did it. And now I’m tired and have a head ache. I think it’s been more tiring these last two days just doing cardio than it was to do cardio and strength training the last two weeks. Granted, I have been doing over 500 calories of cardio each day, but I really, really, really, really, hope need to see some results this Wednesday. I am just feeling down in general though. Between the two jobs, the gym, waiting to make sure I can afford to move out, trying to get this freakin place sold for my mom, and now with what’s going on with Gabe, I am emotionally and mentally drained. At this moment I am also physically drained, but I seem to have enough energy to get by on most days. Tomorrow I work all day at both jobs, so I went to go make food for it annndd we have no food. So I didn’t end up having to do that. I get paid tomorrow! And actually, starting next week, I’ll be getting paid every Friday since Moma Tosca’s and Yogurtland are on opposite schedules. The two reasons why getting paid tomorrow is particularly awesome is, One: SUSHI. Two: I need to go buy bras. Since I have lost weight my bras don’t fit anymore… like at all. So I need to go get fitted and all that jazz. I don’t really want to go to work tonight, but I do want money. My want for money out weighs my want for laziness. My want to be thin out weighs my want for sleep, most of the time. So hopefully at the end of all this I will be thin with a ton of money. Thug life? Whatever.


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