Forty Six

Well today has been interesting. Weighed myself, went to the gym, came home and made eggs. That seems like a pretty normal day, except, I only lost .2 pounds this week. Point. Two. So still only at 17.6 pounds down. I have to admit, I am extremely disappointed, but I am still optimistic just because I know a lot about nutrition and exercise. Since I lost .6 pounds last this and .2 pounds this week with out any obvious cause, I am thinking that what is happening is that I am gaining muscle so my actual weight isn’t going down, but my body fat percentage is. The only reason I say that is because if it were something like diet that was inhibiting my weight loss then I don’t think I would be getting these small differences. Since my body has adapted to a certain amount of calories and to certain foods, if I were slipping with my diet then I would be gaining weight back and that’s not happening. So this week I am going to do only cardio at the gym and see if that makes a difference. These last two weeks I have tried to really hard to balance weight lifting and cardio, so hopefully by just doing cardio this week something significant will happen. I am going to reincorporate weights eventually, but right now I just wanna know what the fuck is happening. So we’ll see next week. As for Gabriel, he is cleared for Lyme’s Disease. Which can be good and bad. He is extremely anemic right now so his doctor is going to change his diet for a month and then test him for anemia again and if he is still anemic then they are going to test for more serious things like cancer, leukemia, and hepatitis. I am not sure how successful his diet change is going to be since him and his wife are both vegetarians and are pretty misinformed about nutrition. So I hope they really listen to the doctor and get this thing figured out. So work last night was insane! It was crazy busy, but it went remarkably smooth. It really was a pretty good night. I can’t wait to get my tips tonight. It’s gonna be a crazy week and an even crazier month! Should be moving out next month. EXCITEDANDSTRESSED. Story of my life.


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