Forty Five

It’s Valentine’s Day! I hope yours is going romantically well. I celebrated by ditching Zumba and finally getting caught up on some sleep. Getting up after 6 hours of sleep to go dance like a crazy Latin woman for an hour was not gonna happen. I wish it was that easy to avoid work tonight. Oh well, gotta do the damn thing!!! Plus tips should be pretty bitchin from tonight. I do wish that I could eat chocolate until I die today though. I had a few chocolate chips to get my fix. Half of me thinks, “Man, I really should have gone to Zumba.”, and the other half thinks. “Naaaawww, it’s V-day, and you would have been too tired for work if you had went.” So all in all I don’t really feel that bad for not working out today. But tomorrow… ooohhhh tomorrow… it’s gonna be cardio all day. It’s also weigh in day. I think I have lost weight this week. I think I look a tiny bit thinner. I think I feel a tiny bit thinner. The only thing that is bumming me the ffuucckkk oouutt are my damn arms!!!! I see zero difference in them, even when I compare beginning pictures to now. FRICK. I am going to have to really start focusing on them. I can see a little bit of difference everywhere else, but not in my arms. I have a feeling they are going to be a problem area forever. I do, however, have to consider that 17 pounds {hopefully 20 tomorrow!} isn’t really that much weight. And with my extensive Biggest Loser viewing expertise, I have noticed that people’s arms are the last thing to get thin and toned. I’ll have to pay extra attention tonight!!! Wooooo Biggest Loser night!! YES. Other than that I am just trying to keep my head above water. Can’t let the current pull me down, again.


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