Forty Four

Wow I almost forgot about this thing. I got home from work late, woke up, went to yoga, watched the Walking Dead, fell asleep, and then was just gonna chill until work. And then I was like ah crap, I need to blog! But don’t panic. I’m here now. So went to a yoga class this morning and I left feeling really good, but I’m still confused at how much of a work out I got. Some parts seemed really difficult, but it’s so relaxing I can’t even really decide if it’s worth going back. I mean I enjoy being relaxed, but I don’t wanna wake up early to get relaxed. I have no problem waking up early to go work out and know that I’m moving forward with my fitness, but I don’t if the workout from Yoga is worth it. ohh welll. The Walking Dead was good. I’m definitely interested to see where all the craziness leads. GOD tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day. Now, I’m not dreading V-day because I’m all bitter and single, I actually love Valentines Day. I am dreading it because work is going to be totally insane. Fuuuuuhhhh. I know once I am there it won’t be that bad, but I’m really good at building up how terrible something is going to be in my head before I go places. Whatever. Zumba tomorrow morning! I wasn’t gonna go, because I didn’t want to be tired for work, but fuck that. I wanna be thin dammit. Thheenn it’s weigh in Wednesday. Definitely dreading that too.


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