Forty Two

Holy balls, what a day. Up at 7am to work at Yogurtland, crazy night at Moma Toscas, and then home again at midnight after the gym. I am so tired. I am so glad I only have to work one job tomorrow and NO GYM. Yeesss. My body needs it. I am extremely excited/nervous to weight myself this Wednesday. It’s either going to be very little or a ton. I still have so much freakin work to do on my body. So many little areas to concentrate on. It’s very stressful. Right now I am just trying to lose as much fat as possible. My legs and abs are still sore from two days ago. Maaayybbbee go a little easier next time. Last night at work was terrible. It was like “lets correct Riannon on shit she’s doing correctly!” night. I was not into it. But tonight I got free tiramisu, I couldn’t eat it, but I got it. Tonight was a little rough, but it was just everyone being stressed because it’s busy. This week is going to be crazy. Valentines Day is going to be crazy. I am realllyyyyy realllyyy looking forward to the minute it ends. We have so many reservations and there definitely isn’t enough restaurant. People are going to be waiting for a good amount of time. Oh well. I did learn today that at Yogurtland I am making more an hour than I originally thought, I’m not getting nearly enough hours, so it doesn’t really matter, but it’s still cool. Oh man time for bed now, technically it’s Sunday now, butIdon’tcarefuckyouit’smyblog.


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