Forty Three

Today is relaxing. I don’t have to be at Yogurtland until 7, so I have been chillaxin on max. I’m downloading music, cooking awesome food, and watching America’s Next Top Model. Don’t act like you don’t watch the all day marathons… it’s ok, we all do. Last night after work I bought some turkey bacon, it is delicious. For lunch I made a turkey burger patty with roasted snow peas, also delicious. I am going to eat an orange soon and I am pretty excited about it. Besides all of that stuff, I am worried about my brother Gabriel, who if you don’t know lives up in northern CA, he is really sick. He has been sick for almost a year, but he and his wife decided to sell their home and quit their jobs to move up north and be mountain people two years ago. So needless to say they have had a pretty rough year. One, they didn’t have the money to go and get him checked out. Two, it could have just been him adapting to all of the crazy change. But he has been sicker lately and went the hospital last week to get blood work. They are testing for Lyme’s Disease and cancer. Obviously I hope it is Lyme’s Disease. If it is cancer, then I have a feeling that since he will have probably had it for so long it will really cause a lot of  serious problems. He won’t know until Tuesday. Who knows what is going to happen. Tomorrow I am going to a yoga class for the first time. I am excited and nervous. I am not going to be good at it, but I like to try new things. And it’s awesome for you. Then it’s a super crazy work week. Need to make money!!! A lot of it.


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