Forty One

Oooohh Yogurtland. I am once again adorned with your highlighter green polo. I only have a three hour shift, so it’s going to be a ridiculously easy shift. But then I have to work at Moma Toscas and then I have to go to the gym. I am so sore from yesterday. This is definitely the sorest I have ever been. My abs, thighs, hips, and ass are just hating me right now. I had to wake up early today so I could cook food for the next two days. I’ll be at Yogurtland early and then Moma Toscas late so I need to take enough food for the whole day. I am already sleepy though, which is not great. I’m definitely going to get coffee after work. I am a little nervous, because to absolutely have enough money to afford to live on my own I need 30 hours a week at Yogurtland. I only have 20 this week, but I’m hoping it will increase after the first few weeks. Mom left to go up North this morning. I’ll be here alone for a few days, which is always nice. I’m looking forward to Sunday, when I’ll be able to sleep in and no gym. I am like extra nervous about weight loss this week. If I don’t lose weight this week, I will have no idea what to do. The thought that maybe my weight loss is over and this is just the “healthy” size for me has crossed my mind, but I’m so unsatisfied with that. We will see what happens. Off to work!!!! Yeah.


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