Went to the gym this morning and did some fuckin work! UH! I feel really good. I should really start doing my makeup for these pics all the time, because when I just don’t give a fuck and don’t put on makeup, I look pretty bad… buutt I don’t give a fuck. But then, when I finally do get ready before taking these pics, the makeup makes me look crazy in comparison. Whatever. I am making a bomb dinner. Oven baked greek yogurt chicken and roasted veggies. Now, I know greek yogurt chicken sounds strange, but it’s amazing. I mix greek yogurt, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, olive oil, paprika, salt and pepper and then marinate the chicken in it. After a while I just put the chicken on a roasting pan and cook it! The tanginess of the yogurt and lemon really get into the chicken, and the yogurt gets really crispy and brown and delicious with all those added flavors. Seriously, so good. First day at Yogurtland tomorrow, I have to wake up early to make food for the day and the next day. Soooo fuunnn. I got my tax return, woooo. Now I just need to start getting regular paychecks from Yogurtland in a few weeks so I can start moving out. Mom is quitting her job at the end of February. It really puts me in a difficult place, but I’m glad she’s finally getting out of Bakersfield. She deserves it. And I’ll be on my own again! Doin big things.


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