Thirty Eight

Ugh, Zumba kicked my ass this morning. Like, for real, I went, I worked it Latin style, and I came home and slept for like 2 hours. I didn’t slept very much last night though. That’s why I put so much effort into getting ready today… yeah. Other than that I just did laundry and relaxed. I made a grocery list and I added steel cut oats to it. I want to start having more options for breakfast and since I am working out pretty vigorously now I think I can afford the extra carbs. Apparently, mom has no fucking idea what steel cut oats are, and also, apparently I’m a bitch for being so blown away at how ignorant stupid that makes her. According to her, 99% of the world wouldn’t know what steel cut oats are. So that was an obnoxious conversation. And as stressful as moving out and making sure I can afford to do it is getting, I seriously can not wait to get the fuck out of her space. We just don’t get along. This was all happening while I was making my “fattening” meal for dinner, which made it all better. I make it when I feel like I wanna eat something super terrible and fattening for dinner. I make it around once a week. It’s delicious. It’s just broccoli, red bell pepper, and cut up chicken breast seasoned and cooked in a pan, and then I make this Sauce. Ooooohhh this sauce. It’s soy sauce, rice vinegar, garlic, lemon juice, brown mustard, and a tablespoon of natural peanut butter. Whisk that shit and once everything in the pan is fully cooked, add the sauce and just stir it arooouunndd. It’s gets thick and toasty and dark delicious brown. It’s SO good. Well, It’s so good to a person who doesn’t eat carbs or sugar. Gotta weigh in tomorrow and I do not want to. I’m nervous about it. Booo weighing myself. Booo work tomorrow. Booo Yogurtland Friday. So, I’m gonna end this entry with a great joke. So, I heard Justin Bieber has a 12 inch dick. 10 inches of it is in his ass and it belongs to Usher. HA!


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