Thirty Seven

Today was good. Slept a super long time after being so tired the last few days. Went and had sushi and it was sooo good. Then went to the gym and then came home and made steak. Which was also sooo good. Tomorrow me and Wes are going to Zumba! I love Zumba. I got my schedule for Yogurtland today and OF COURSE I’m going to be working when the season premier of Walking Dead is gonna be on. FACK. Oh well. I hope I can lose enough weight this week to be at 20 pounds. Going to the gym should help, buuutt it will only be today and tomorrow’s work outs that count by Wednesday. I’m trying to drink a ton of water because I do not want my body to hold on to water because I’ve been working out. I wanted to weigh myself at the gym, but I have this fear that my mom’s scale is wrong for some reason and once I weigh myself on another scale my weight will be a lot more then what my mom’s scale says. So, I avoided it today. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow. Speaking of the gym, I am SO out of shape. Holy crap. I am tiirreedd. Tomorrow is a new day! A new day to do some mudda fuggin work!


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