Thirty Six

This picture sucks and I do not care. I hurt in my everywhere. Magic Mountain kicked my ass, but it was so fun. I did not sleep well last night. Only got about 2 hours before having to get up, but I wasn’t particularly tired until around 4 pm. I didn’t get sunburned, which is always a giant plus for me and I didn’t eat any fattening amusement park food. So, go me. I don’t know where my weight loss is going to be this week. Hopefully the gym is going to really help. I’m to the point where I want better results. I wanna start working on my arms, I wanna do a shit ton of cardio, I wanna be hella fit. I’m still a fat person. Like, when someone looks at me as a whole, or according to the amount of space I take up, or when I catch a reflection of myself out in public, I am still just big. I can see very small differences, but it still drives me crazy to see myself because I’m still not happy. BUT I am on my way. And tomorrow me and Wesley are getting sushi and going to the gym. So excited to finally get a proper work out in. Yogurtland opens Tuesday so it should be a crazy week. Do work! I’m out.


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