Thrity Five

Holy crap today was productive. Waking up at 5 am was not fun. I was tired and sick and hungry and I couldn’t drink enough water to save my life. The drive out to Tejon Ranch was actually really pretty with the sunrise and the mountains. The orientation was the same as last time, whatever. The new store is bitchin. It’s so huge and it has a couch. I’m not dreading working there like I did back in the summer, but I kind dreaded everything then. Then Wesley and I went to target and got all of our gym needs and then went and joined 24 hour fitness!!! YES. So excited. I can’t wait for Zumba. I really love Zumba. Then I came home and took an awesome nap. I’m am still pretty sick and I reallllyyy don’t wanna be anymore. But Six Flags tomorrow!!! Gonne be so fun. But I gotta get through work tonight first :(. It should be busy like it was last Saturday, but it being busy last night kind of killed me. My body was like… NO, I am sick and this is expelling too much energy. Death. Hopefully that doesn’t happen again tonight.


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