Thirty Four

Ugha, so sick. I know I have a sinus infection, and usually I would go to the doctor, but I really won’t have any time for the next several days. I’ve looked up home remedies to get rid of a sinus infection and they all seem pretty doable. I’m not worried. I would like to not be sick by Sunday though, not because of the super bowl, but because me and the boys have decided to go to Six Flags. YES. I’ll just get drugged up. It’ll be way fun. Tomorrow should be crazy. Orientation at 7am, then Target, then off to join 24 hour fitness, then work. I’m not excited to get up at 5 tomorrow since that’s when I’ve been falling asleep all week, but I’m gonna take one of my mom’s sleeping pills so hopefully I can get to bed early. It’s gonna be a bomb weekend.


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