Thirty Two

Fuck I am in such a good mood. {even though I’m stick freakin sick} Weeellll today is Wednesday, so you all know what that means, I had to weigh to myself this morning. Turns out I’ve lost 3.4 pounds this week. WHAT? I was feeling thinner, but I wasn’t going to expect anything big. So overall I am at 16.8 pounds, buuttt I think I’ll just tell people 17 since it’s so close! Yay. If I compare two pictures of me, one from at least over a month and half ago, to one now, I don’t really see any difference, but I feel differences. Like I can feel my ribs and my hip bones more now, like if I’m laying down or leaning against something. Well… ok there is one difference I think I see.. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost some boob.. which.. I didn’t really have any to give before, so that’s kind of a bummer, but oh well. They have implants for that. I seriously can not wait to join a gym. I am going to go this weekend to sign up at 24 hour fitness. I was going to wait until I knew what my schedule was going to be like once I started at Yogurtland, but I figure I better just join one anyway because if there are only a few times a week that I’ll have time to work out I’ll need a gym to make those work outs really count. My grandpa texted me yesterday telling me he was proud of me for being on a diet. That was nice I guess, but he hasn’t talked to me in months because he thinks I’ve fucked up so bad over the last year or so. He did call me on Christmas to tell me he wouldn’t be making it to Christmas, but that was it. So turns out I can fuck up at life all I want as long as I’m not fat. Who knew? Me and Wesley get paid this Friday so that means sushi on Monday!!!! YES. It’s our new thing. I should also get my tax return this week. I was supposed to get it today, but it’s not here. It’s going to be a pretty exciting week! Joining a gym, Yogurtland orientation, grandpa’s approval, Sushi, and tax return! The BAMF is back!


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