Twenty Nine

God damn, today was less than good. Woke up at 1:30 pm, which I wasn’t particularly thrilled about, didn’t feel well or like making eggs so I just had an apple, then a couple hours later convinced my mom to go to AT&T with me so we could see about an upgrade (I will explain why this is so stupid in a minute), then drove her a few places while my blood sugar dropped off the face of the Earth, and finally made it home to be here super pissed and bored and fat feeling. I did make some food a little while later and I do feel much better now. So, I have been wanting a smart phone for a long time now. And I don’t have one of those situations where I can be like, “I want a smart phone, lets go get smart phones mom.” So I have to wait until there is an upgrade available and then go in to a store and blah blah blah bitch. I’ve been wanting one more and more lately so I drag my mom out of her room to go to the AT&T store with me, because I can’t do anything to my plan with out her there, and we got there and it’s packed. So one of the employees takes down our name and the reason we are there. We told the guy we wanted to see about an upgrade. So finally someone comes up to us to help us and confirms that we want an upgrade. Lemme just recap, we have told them we want an upgrade twice now. K. Sooo my mom continues with some questions about our plan and how a smart phone would change it, once again, an upgrade themed conversation. She then takes us to her computer and she changes the plan to the one my mom wanted and after being there for around an hour, she says “Ok, so you guys do have an upgrade available, but you have to pay your bill that was due a few days ago first.” There is a minute of silence. Finally my mom says she hasn’t paid that yet and asked if they can do it anyway. So the bitch leaves and comes back and says no. So we left. Yea. It’s not the fact that I didn’t get a phone, it’s the fact that we literally told them the minute we walked in about wanting an upgrade and the bitch was looking at our account for a fucking HOUR and she never brought up that there was a balance to be paid to get the upgrade. Complete waste of freakin time. And also, it’s like… Mom. Why the fuck wouldn’t you use your brain to be like, “oh, I haven’t paid that bill yet, they probably won’t let us do an upgrade.” I was just so pissed at the whole situation. And my blood sugar was incredibly low. Not a great combination. Anyway, I’m home now. I bought a purse from Urban Outfitters to make the day better. So that’s something to be excited about. I am just not pumped about life in general lately, though. I’m pretty sure I haven’t lost any weight this week. Life just keeps getting in my way. Hopefully I can get my mojo back soon.


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