Twenty Six

This entry might have a little too much info for some of you, buuutt idgaf it’s my blog. With that said, allow me to exclaim the following: I AM HAVING DEATH CRAMPS CAUSED BY SATAN HIMSELF. Alllll day I have been doubled over in a tornado of profanity. That smile you see, it’s fake. It could be the fakest smile I have ever given. Eating breakfast was terrible. I had to force myself to eat because the thought of food was totally gross. But I have to eat or it’ll only make everything worse once my blood sugar gets too low. I’m not into it. I do want about 8372947 pounds of chocolate though. Work is going to blow. This is gonna be a week for the books. That’s about all I have for today… I could start talking about how excited I am to move out again, but I’ll spare you guys until I actually do move out. Expect annoying giddy entries then.


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