Twenty Five

Welllllll, I weighed myself today. My optimistic hopes for 4 pounds this week was completely destroyed. I only lost 2.4 pounds. It’s not that I don’t think that’s a good amount, it’s just not what my goal was. But, I am exactly 6 pounds away from 20 pounds, so I just have to lose 3 pounds each week for the next two weeks and I’ll have hit my goal for 20 pounds on time. I did have quite a few mess ups this last week. The beer, the snacks after giving blood, and last night I ate quit a big meal very late at night. I also have not been drinking enough water. I need to get back on top of that. And maybe not drink as much coffee. I’m pretty disappointed, but oh well. I’ve also started to accept that I might not be able to afford to go back to school until spring semester 2013. I am going to definitely try to get back in this fall, but I may need to just save this entire year so when I go back to school in the spring I’ll have saved up money for the months I come up short on funds because I’ll have to cut my work hours so drastically. We’ll see what happens. I’ve been looking at apartments online and I am so pumped for moving out. I can not wait to have my own space. I’ve already decided that the first thing I’m gonna get when I get my refund is the blush ruffle duvet I want from Urban Outfitters. I’ve wanted it for soooo long and once I move I’ll finally have a place that’s worthy of it’s perfectness. If I had it here the dogs would jump on it ooorrr the cat would roll around in it ooorrr it would smell like trailer the rest of my mom’s house. But it’s going to be amazing in my future room. Not really in the mood to go to work tonight, but gotta make that money. Fuck bitches.


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