Twenty Three

Today is rainy and relaxing. Oh man do I love rainy days. I also like giving blood! Even though they can never find a find a vein, but I still think it’s fun. I’m hoping that having less blood will help me weigh just a tad less this week. I’m not too sure how much I’m going to lose this week. The goal was four pounds, but I drank beer the other day and today I had a granola bar and some coffee with cream in it after giving blood. That might not seem like anything to worry about, but I know that when you are losing weight, and you eat something fattening it affects you like 19834298374928347 times worse than it would have normally. Other than those things I have been perfect with my food and I’ve been working out. We’ll see on Wednesday!! I’ll have to be really focused this week. It’s the uhh, … death week for me, so chocolate and over all terrible food cravings will be through the roof. I may have to figure out how to eat delicious things with out gaining weight this week. I’m not sure how, but I’m gonna look some stuff up. I’m going to do my best not to devour a triple chocolate fudge cake in the dark by myself. Wish me luck.


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