Well I weighed myself today, and I lost 3.5 pounds! 11 pounds!!!! yay :). I also got my license and ordered a shirt I’ve been wanting for a while. I didn’t work out today because I didn’t think I’d have time before work with the other stuff I had to do. I’ll have to wake up early tomorrow to do it. And by early I mean 11, yeah. So for my 50 pound goal I have 39 more to go which doesn’t seem too daunting anymore. I worked it all out before I started and if I would lose 2 pounds a week every week I would meet my 50 pound goal one week before my birthday. So, I’m pretty optimistic about meeting my goal since I’ve been losing more than that since then. Can’t wait!! I’m excited for buying new clothes and this will be the first summer ever I’ll be able to wear pretty summer clothes, and I’ll be 21! Can you say pool parties!? Just gotta find a friend with a pool, a friend with a pool that wants a lot of drunk people in and around their pool. Should be a good summer. 😉


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