Doin the damn thing! Worked out today and I am very sore. But it’s a good feeling. Tomorrow is weigh in day! I’m interested to see this week’s progress. Mostly because I had frozen yogurt and stuff like that this week, but I’ve been working out, so I want to see what effects it all had. It could be the 10 pound mark! I woke up this morning to a phone call and it was the country club I had the server interview at, they called to offer me a receptionist job, but the times they needed me were almost exactly the same as my schedule at Moma’s… yeah. Bummer. But they said that if positions keep becoming available that they would keep calling me, so that’s cool. I e-mailed the owner at Yogurtland about getting rehired today. He hasn’t contacted me back, but I’m sure he will. Me and my friend are going to go to sushi this weekend. I’m not a sushi expert, but I’m pretty sure they can replace the rice in a sushi roll with egg or tofu, I’ll just have to ask and see. I’m determined to eat sushi! Ooohhh it’s soo good. It’ll be his first time trying it, that’s always interesting. I am super stressed out about school. Getting a second job so I can actually afford to go to school has been a challenge, but that’s not even the biggest obstacle I’m gonna face this year. I have no idea how I’m going to go to school full time, and work enough hours to survive. I’ll be living by myself so all the rent, bills, and then gas and food will be on me. My mom is quitting her job and taking out her retirement and moving up North with my brother this year, so there isn’t going to be any help from her. And I have to go to school full time in order to get financial aid. It all seems very impossible. But people do it, and I’ll just have to figure it out. UGH. Fuckin thug life.


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