It’s finally cold in Bakersfield. Since I have gotten back from Florida in early December, it has been sunny and around 70 degrees. And I’m not complaining, that’s awesome weather, but it’s nice that it finally feels like winter. I’m not sure how long it is supposed to last, but it’s supposed to rain by the end of the week. So, if you’re reading this right now, please stand up and do a little rain dance for me. I’ll wait… Done? Sweet, thanks. With that being said, I did not go work out today. It was too cold. If I had a gym membership I would have, but working out outside when it’s cold always sucks. Harder to breath, harder to warm up. I didn’t really feel like dealing with it. So I napped instead. I had my interview this morning at the nursery. It was a group interview, which I kind of hate, but I think I did well. There were definitely a few interesting people there. This one girl remembered me from softball. Apparently she went to a high school in a different town, but remembered playing me. Once again, bamf. But since it was a group interview I didn’t get a chance to talk to the interviewer about the availability and it was the owners’ son, so I’m not sure he would have even been the right person to talk to about it anyway. I really can’t open up my available hours any wider. There cashier hours are scheduled from 8am to 5pm, Thursday-Monday. I have to be at Moma Toscas at 5:30, Wednesday-Saturday. So that would only give me a half an hour to go home, cook something, get ready, get dressed and drive to Moma Toscas, which takes 30 minutes in itself. So, it’s just not gonna work. I told them on the application that I could stay until 4:30, and that would still be a crazy rush to get to Moma’s on time. We will see what happens. I got frozen yogurt last night. Oooohh it was so good. And I learned Yogurtland is hiring again, and, although, it would hurt my pride a little more than I would like, I am going to call the owner and see if he’ll take me back. I wanna say, I know he will, I just don’t know what position he would offer me. If I do end up back there, it is going to suck explaining to everyone why I am back, but dammit I need more money!! My pride always comes in second to makin money. I’m not sure, if that’s necessarily a good thing in all situations, but in most situations it’s worked out pretty well so far. Biggest loser tomorrow! And almost it’s almost time for The Walking Dead to return. So. Stoked. You have no idea.


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