Today was pretty good. Worked out, made dinner, watched the golden globes with mom, and soon I’m going to go watch the premier of Kevin Harts Laugh at My Pain special with some friends. Mom says my face looks thinner, which is pretty nice. I had some diet soda last night, because I felt like being naughty, and my brain rewarded me with  a dream of me eating a giant bag of kit kats and gaining weight with each one and not being able to stop. Talk about guilt trip. I’m not sure if I can put a number on how much weight I’ve lost this week. I’ve been really good, but you never know. We’ll find out on Wednesday! I’ll be happy with 2.5 pounds again. Then I can say I have lost 10 pounds. Which, if you think about it, a pound is 3,500 calories, so within 3 weeks {if I lose 2.5 pounds again this week} I will have burned 35,000 calories of preexisting fat. That seems way cooler than “I lost 10 pounds.” Tomorrow morning is my interview at the nursery. I don’t want to wake up at 8, but hopefully it goes well. Because I need to get the ball rollin on moving out and I can’t really do that with out a couple grand. I need to do my taxes so I can do my fasfa, but one of my employers from last year hasn’t gotten my w2 to me yet. A lot of little stressful things going on right now, but definitely nothing I can’t handle. Hope this is a good week!!


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