I feel pretty blah today. Didn’t feel like getting out of bed at all and making the food I just ate was such a chore. I’m ready for work like an hour early and ain’t got nofin to do. It is Saturday so I’ll have a few days off after tonight which is always bomb. I would be wearing my coral sweater to work tonight, but somewhere between the wrestling on the ground and getting black out drunk last week it acquired a grease stain. It’s not super noticeable, but it would be bad if someone at work noticed it. Last night work was less then pleasant. It wasn’t a bad night, there was just one freakin person that ruined it. We have some very wealthy regulars. Last night an elderly regular couple came in and were seated. The woman seems like a fun, normal, rich, old woman. The man on the the other hand, is a rich old man. A stuck up, asshole. So their waiter, who always serves them because they like her, gave me their ticket so I could run their card when they were ready. I had a couple other cards to run, so I went and picked theirs up and ran them. All of the cards and receipts are in individual booklets. So I had two other booklets to return, one with cash and one with another card. I return them all together {because, .. uh it’s fucking efficient and it’s my god damn job} and I return his last. I notice his wife has her head down with kind of an embarrassed/trying not to laugh look on her face. The man, on the other hand, is trying to set me on fire with his eyes. He then says, in a very raspy, slow, effort induced way, “Excuse me. Don’t ever take my card to another table.” And I was kind of speechless. All I managed to get out was an apology and “it won’t happen again.” Part of me was shocked that someone could feel so superior to other people that they were truly offended I returned their checks with other peoples’, part of me understood his concern about it possibly being snagged even though it would be impossible since it was in its own booklet, and the other part of me was so freakin infuriated all I could do was stand and breath for a moment. After calming down, I was talking to two of the servers about it, one of them being his server. And It turns out that he was already pissed because when one of our busboys went to clear his table, they reached over him and got all up in his face. So, it was like, alright, I suppose that makes it better because that is definitely a big no no for the busboy. And the two servers agreed with me that it was outrageous he even cared. Soooo whatever. Fuckin people, bro. I hate ’em. I just wanna go live at the sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica. That would be so great. Oh well, maybe one day I’ll be in a position to put rich assholes in their place. Or maybe I’ll just be a rich asshole… either one.


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