Ooohh Friday the 13th. We have three this year, so everyone prepare. I don’t ever remember a Friday the 13th being a particularly bad day for me, but might as well plan for the worst. As far as evil Fridays go, today has been pretty good. Lovely morning, painted my nails, pretty much just hangin out. My nails are my new favorite color: Not Enough Shoes by Saphora. It’s a basic, thick black polish with very small flecks of glitter. I love it! It’s on my toes too. Yeah trying to put two pictures on here didn’t work out the way I wanted it. I tried to just upload and size two different pictures, but the one would always disappear when I put the second one in. So I had to use this weird gallery thing and blah blah blah prick. I’ll get better at it I promise. I have an interview at the nursery Monday at 9:30 am. {chyaa, I know. Fuckin early.} So hopefully that goes well and they will work with me on my availability. Buuuttt prolly not. I do need a second job. Like… right now. I also need to eat, but it’s so much work. Oh, how I reminisce about the days when I could just go buy food that was already made for me… but alas! I must hence forth on my quest for health and  thinness. I must say, working at a bomb expensive ass Italian restaurant has made it very difficult to stay on track. I always get hungry at work for the worst stuff. Pasta, sauces, calamari, creme brulee,… just staring me in the face nose all night. Will power y’all! That’s what it’s about. Make the rest of Friday the 13th your bitch! Like me.


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