Well today I’m pretty bummed. I only lost 2.5 pounds this week. I just wanna lay in bed and sulk. But I went to lunch with the boys. We went to Chipotle because it was one of the few places I thought I could go. Turns out the thing I had been getting has a total of 39 carbs in it. I’m not an idiot, I’m not getting like a burrito with extra rice. I’ve been getting a salad bowl. So lettuce, black beans, steak or chicken, fresh tomato salsa, and some guacamole. Yep. 39 carbs. I decided to look up the nutrition facts today out of curiosity, and I suppose it’s the black beans that are really killin it. I think they are around 24 carbs just by themselves. And the site didn’t say anything about how much the servings were, so.. really.. who knows how many I’m actually eating. With out the beans, it really isn’t all that bad, just boring and probably not nearly as filling. It does kind of have a high caloric count, of 680, but it’s the carbs that are really terrible. But at least I know now so I can refine my eating habits. I should eat before work, but I have to leave in like, 30 mins, and I still need to get ready. Soooooo, balls. Imma go get that done. Sorry for the lame short entry. Gotta do the damn thang.


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