Biggest loser tonight! I posted a pic of myself getting ready to go work out just because I love the Biggest Loser so much. That explains why it’s such a great picture. We are out of eggs and it’s really thrown off my entire day. When I was searching for breakfast {at 1pm} I couldn’t really find anything. There wasn’t any meat defrosted or anything so I ate a Kashi bar. I know that most granola bars are full of carbs and sugar, so I shouldn’t eat them, but after looking at the ingredients and nutrition facts on package, it didn’t seem all that bad. There were things like molasses and rice syrup and stuff like that, but nothing crazy. The one thing that did kind of make me hesitate was that there are 19 grams of carb. Yeeaahhh *twitch. But I needed to eat and I knew I was going to work out. So I ate the carby bastard. And I don’t think I’ve ever had more energy in my life. Holy crap. It’s amazing how when you eat correctly, your body starts to react to food correctly. Who knew? I am also trying to get the ball rolling for going to BC. I submitted my admissions application and ordered transcripts, but still need to make an appointment with a counselor and do my fafsa. I’m excited and dreadful about going back to school. I need to go  back, and it’s nice to feel like you’re actually doing something with your life, but then again, it’s school. And this particular school is heavily over crowded, people always get screwed on classes, there’s never parking, and oh, did I mention it’s school? I am not a fan. But since it’s a community college it’s cheap and that’s really the only quality I’m looking for at this point. Tomorrow is weigh in day……. and I am so nervous. I’m not even sure why, it’s not like I have a time limit or anything for how much weight I’m loosing. I just need to be constantly reassured that what I’m doing is right. I will be really happy if I loose another 5. I like to think that when I’m naked looking at myself, that I look a little better. But probably not. I’m not sure how much weight is going to have to be lost before it’s noticeable. I’m figuring about 20, but that seems like it’s going to take forever and I hate waiting. I really do. But one step at a time!! Doin it big this year for sure.


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