Hot damn today was productive. I ate breakfast, got ready, went and turned in applications, went to the Social Security Office, dropped off a gift card for my friend to apologize for Friday night :(, went to the DMV, came home and washed my sheets and cleaned the kitchen. First of all, if you guys have never been to a SS Office in California, DON’T. Don’t ever go. It’s atrocious. It’s worse than the DMV. But it’s over and I will have a SS card again. Kind of important. I will also have a valid license again next week! Also, kind of important. I still have to make dinner and I want to go work out afterwards. DAMN! I’m gangster. If I believed in marriage, I would say I’d be the most bitchinest house wife. But uhhh, fuck that. I’ll be hella bomb and single. 😉


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