Today was a good day. Mainly, because I’m not battling through tequila’s sweet revenge, but also because it was relaxing and I got some errands taken care of. I had a good hair day, a good makeup day, went to the mall, got my mascara, got a bomb nail polish from Sephora, got some work out gear, some earrings for work, and then of course did my nails. I am now happily watching food network and planning my night. I need to do laundry, but that ain’t no thang. Tomorrow will be more stressful. Have to go to the DMV and the SS office and spend money on stuff I don’t wanna pay for. I do have a mini interview type thing tomorrow at this place by my house called The White Forest Nursery. The only thing that sucks is that they aren’t down with my availability and once I move into town, driving all the way back out here would suck and kind of defeat the purpose of moving into town. We’ll see what happens. All I want is money, so I’m gonna try and make it work. I think I’ll lose another 5 pounds this week. I’ve been freakin awesome this week, and I’m going to start working out tomorrow. Hopefully it’ll be enough by Wednesday when I weigh myself. Then it’ll be 10 pounds! Which I think is significant enough to be like, “shit yeah, 10 pounds lighter.” Since eating correctly, I already feel 100 pounds lighter. I feel so much better on a daily basis. I’m excited for the future, like I’ve said before, I’m ready to kick it’s ass.


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