Holy shit snacks. I cannot believe that today is over. I don’t even care how round and terrible my face looks in that picture. So, last night, I got very, very drunk. I’ll save you the messy details, but I will tell you it involves not eating like a dumbass and an entire bottle of tequila. Needless to say I have had a hangover all damn day. And not a “oh man, I’m so hungover, crazy night!!” hangover, it’s a “omg, if I throw up again I’m going to cry.” hangover. Woke up at a friends house around 9am to my friend calling me to help her because her car broke down, ate a piece of bread, drover her around for a while, went home, threw up bread, showered, slept until 2:30, got a call from another friend who was equally drunk asking me if I had his glasses, I did not, got ready for work, drank some orange juice, went to look for his glasses, went to Chipotle, threw up the orange juice, ate a few bites of Chipotle, threw up Chipotle, drove to work and died in my car for 30 mins, soldiered through work, and now I am in bed ready to die for the next few days. I did get my appetite back though, and I ate a chicken pita from Jack in the Box and it was seriously fucking amazing. All day I was dizzy, nauseous, weak, shaky, dehydrated, starved, and sleepy and after going through this a few times, you’d think I would learn how much I can drink. The answer is no. I think for people who don’t drink or have never drank should be forced, by law, to black out and have a hangover just once. Just so they know how it feels… uppity assholes….


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