DAY FUCKIN FIVE. I’m not gonna lie, smiling for this picture hurt my face. I woke up in a rotten mood and I have not snapped out of it. AND I had half of this shit written and I accidentally deleted it and the damn “undo” wouldn’t bring it back. FUCKIN TITS! But other than the constant rage today has been pretty lame. Slowly getting ready for work, while also trying to do absolutely nothing. I need a second job asap. I’m freakin stressed out about it. I’m stressed out about getting all the bullshit organized for school this fall, or if I’ll be able to afford it because right now I can’t afford anything that I need to do. This is a pretty shitty entry, but I just can’t think of anything to say except angry rants. So I’ll spare you and just cut it short. Fuck bitches.


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