Ready for work!! Need to eat and stuff, but I got my top half allll ready. Today was the dreaded weigh-in day. An entire week on this eating regimen and I had high expectations. Watching the biggest loser last night didn’t help. But with hard work comes results. I’ve lost 5 pounds in 7 days. It’s not amazing, but it’s 5 pounds closer to happiness and healthiness. The thing that makes it crazy is that I haven’t exercised once. I’ve been to work, where I stand and walk, but that doesn’t count because it’s work. It’s not going to the gym or going on a walk, with the intention of burning calories. Yesterday I was a bit surprised though. I have been wanting to count my calories at the end of the day for the past week. Not consciously while I as eating throughout the day, just at the end to see how many it all added up to. So I finally did it yesterday evening. I was assuming around 1200, maybe 1300. But after everything was added up for, it was only 700. I was pretty shocked. I have been eating incredibly healthy, but I felt satisfied almost all of the time. I always felt full, and I am definitely not nearly as hungry as I used to be, and I am eating way under the recommended amount for me to lose weight. It definitely explains why I lost 5 pounds in a week with out any exercise. Part of me feels extremely proud of myself, because I’ve always just given in to my high calorie cravings. And when a thin person would sit and talk about how gross something was because it was so fattening, I used to fell so worthless and inferior, because to me, that item sounded helllluuh bomb. And now I am developing that mind set. It’s the one I’ve always wanted. It’s hard to reprogram your brain about anything, but you’ll never successfully reprogram your brain about food until you genuinely start to care about yourself. Instead of, “Man, if I eat that I’ll get fat(ter).”, it should be, “Man, all of that stuff going into my body? I don’t wanna have to have to make my body run on all that shit.” There are these new childhood obesity campaigns in Georgia, they are basically commercials about very obese children looking miserable and the whole message is that being that unhealthy as a child takes away the joy of being a child. They use verbal abuse at school and hypertension stats for most of their subjects. Some people think it’s great there is finally some blunt, hard hitting, messages about childhood obesity. And some people think it’s doing more harm than good. That if a person feels horrible about their body, then they aren’t going to care enough to take care of it. And I agree with both. Do we need to be completely honest with children about their health? Yes. Should we hold both the parent and child accountable for their decisions about food? Yes. Should we have scary, black and white commercials with sad, depressed children with diabetes talking to other children about how sad and lonely they are? No. There needs to be a good balance of honesty and positive support. But am I really the one to talk? Hell no. I don’t have kids, or ever really plan on having kids, and I’ve been over weight for 10 years. I don’t really poses the authority to tell anyone anything about being fat or raising children, but, like all people with out children, I think those who do have the power to make a difference are doing it wrong. *sigh.


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