I got my camera today! It was hard to get the picture exactly the same as the last two, but I got it as close as I could. Other than that today was very normal. Got my car washed, cooked dinner, started laundry, nothing too interesting. I am super excited about season 13 premiere of The Biggest Loser tonight though!!!! WOOOOOOO!! I hope this season is better than the last one. Season 11 was amazing. So maybe it was just hard to follow, but I was not as emotionally interested in the season 12 contestants than I usually am. In September I met Olivia and Hannah in an airport in Chicago. It was amazing. They’re amazing. They are both tall and gorgeous and they were super nice. They had that “weary traveler” kind of vibe going on, but they still stopped to chat to a wide eyed, bumbling, chubby, fan. It was fucking awesome. Speaking of TBL, I am going to weigh myself tomorrow morning and I am terrified. I wish I had Bob to scream at me on a daily basis so I wouldn’t be so damn nervous about losing weight. I’ll be very discouraged if I haven’t lost more weight, but I’m going to continue with the eating plan because it’s for hypoglycemia and health, not losing massive amounts of weight in a crazy fast period of time. Even though that does sound nice. I can’t weight to be super thin and awesome looking all the time!!!!! And.. to be in shape… and healthy, and all that shit too.



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