Ole! Day one of my 365 day project. 365 days of a picture and a blog post to log my daily life for an entire year. I’ll be excited when it’s January 1, 2013 so I can spend my day reflecting my year and seeing how much I’ve changed. For the next couple days I’m going to be using my dumb webcam for the pics, but I have a camera on the way! Which will be better quality. Just as a brief explanation of the “rules” for this project, at least for mine anyway, everyday I will upload the same picture of myself and I will post a written blog under that picture about the day. The pictures are not supposed to be particularly good or bad, they’re just supposed to be me. There is no editing, color changing, or cropping. And I get one chance to take it… a scary standard for most females and I am no exception. But I’m excited to do this and excited to see the results. I’m not doing this to be judged or picked apart, but if you feel the need to, go right ahead. I’m not going to do it to myself anymore and whether you do it or not isn’t going to effect my life. New Riannon is the best Riannon. And it all starts off on a lazy Sunday. Not sure what to do today. I should go run a couple errands, but can’t really find the energy to leave the house. I should go running or something, but just don’t feel like it. I should do laundry and wash my car, but once again, I am at a loss for motivation. So I think I’ll stay in bed, or if the opportunity arises, so hang out if someone elses lazy bed. Last night at work was pretty crazy. I’ve had crazier work nights, but this was the first time in the new work environment and that’s always challenging. I’m excited to lounge around for a couple days and hopefully get a call from that damn country club. I posted about it a couple days ago when I had the interview, but the guy told me they were looking for someone who had server experience. So I’m not entirely sure why they called me in at all seeming as it was a second interview and they’ve had my resume for weeks to look at and plainly see I don’t have any. But he said he might change his mind, so whatever. Something will happen when I need it to. Happy New Years y’all!! 😉


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