Working for Italians isn’t all that bad…

What an interesting day. Mom left, so the emptiness of the house was a little strange, ate a cookie for breakfast so you know it’s gonna be an exciting day when that happens. It was ddeelliiccciiouuss. Had to go to Office Max to make copies of my life for my first night of work. And then I found out that my social security card was gone out of my wallet. It’s been there for years, in the same little sleeve, along with my insurance card. But not today. Not when I need it to get a freakin job. So after I had my little “wtf kind of shit is this” fit, I finally got my copies done and went home to veg before my first shift. Part of me was nervous, but then I remembered I’ve fuckin owned very job I ever had and I got over it. And uhhh, turns out I was right. The shift went well and I have a feeling I may actually like this job. I know, I was expecting the Apocalypse, too. Turns out it’s just a laid ass back job where I seat extremely wealthy people and then process they’re extremely outrageous bills. Oh, and apparently when you’re old as dirt and from Italy, you think “Riannon” sounds like “Miama.”  Whatever.



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