MAN!!! I’m annoyed. Rants may happen a lot on here, but I am going to try and limit them. Today has just been lame and annoying. I’m sick, I haven’t gotten any call back on a job that I can already tell I’m gonna have to kiss hella ass for, and I got to talk about feelings and shit with a recent ex. For those of you that don’t know, I decided to get into a committed relationship earlier this year after avoiding them for well over a year. Well he moved to Florida and in late October I moved out there also, and it was pretty much the most pointless, unproductive month of my entire life. So I came back to California about a week ago. Well, “sharing” my feelings with people is definitely not something I ever look forward to. I hate it. It ruins my day. I can handle other people’s feelings (most of the time), but I reallllyyy have to like you. Lets just say I now vividly remember why I shunned and avoided relationships for so long. Because they are fucking retarded! ……

Well now that’s over! Lets talk about this job. My grandpa is kind of a BAMF. And he knows a lot of important and successful people. One of the people he knows is the owner of Cafe Med, which a very expensive restaurant here in town. Well, my grandpa set it up to talk to this guy, because he knows I want a career in culinary arts. FOOD (mmmmmmmmm). So the first time I had a meeting set up with this guy was a few days ago. Got up early, felt sick, spent a couple hours getting overly ready, while deciding all the important factors about myself I was going to confidently describe to him, put on some nice clothes that I kind of hate and strutted my hopeful ass into that restaurant, resume in hand. Well after about 15 minutes of not a single employee asking me what I needed, someone finally came up and I expressed I had a meeting with Mr. Brown at 1pm. Yea, he wasn’t there. And it turns out he wasn’t gonna be there for a while. So basically he forgot and I got rescheduled. I’m rather certain the rage stroke I suffered while driving home was what distracted my immune system long enough for whatever virus that it was battling to completely infiltrate, but that’s beside the point. So I went back yesterday, dressed up, like a jackass.. again, and within the whopping 45 seconds he talked to me I managed to hand him my resume and gain the knowledge that I’ll probably be dish washing but he’ll have to make some calls first. He’ll call me. So leaving completely disappointed a second time has definitely given me a more than a pessimistic out look at this “opportunity”. But I suppose I must be patient. AND Biggest Loser season finale is tonight so I have to be pumped about that… right?


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