Hi, I’m Riannon.

I am starting this blog because once New Years comes and goes I am going to start a 365 day project. Basically just blogging once a day, everyday for one year. I have friends who do it and I think it’s a great idea. So much can happen in a year and I want to remember all of it. I must warn all of you that I have the mouth of a sailor, I am defensive, impatient, impulsive, judgmental, and highly insecure. But I am also open, honest, genuine, sincere, helplessly loyal, and loving to those who I trust. My life has been long and complicated thus far, 20 years has felt like more than a lifetime, but finding myself at this odd period of my life I have realized half of the battles haven’t even started yet. I am ready for the future and I am ready to kick it’s ass.


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